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FAKE ALERT: Image from 2016 Naxal attack shared as Indian soldiers martyred by Pakistan

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The Times Of India
22nd October, 2019 18:51 IST


Twitter user by the name of ‘Zahid Siddiquie’, a serial fake-news peddler who says he’s a Pakistani national in his Twitter bio, shared a graphic image showing bodies of Indian soldiers with a caption that they were the “nine Indian soldiers dispatched to hell by the brave Pakistani army”.

Here’s the tweet:

The tweet also carried a screengrab of a bulletin from Pakistani news channel Ary News . It basically said, “Pakistan responds and kills 9 soldiers of Indian Army- DG ISPR”.

This text was superimposed on this tweet by Director-General of Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR), spokesperson of Pakistan Armed Forces.

An archived version of Siddiquie’s tweet is here.

Times Fact Check busted another false claim made by the same Twitter handle just yesterday. Here’s the link to that report.

The image has got nothing to do with Pakistan’s action against the Indian Army . It is an old image from 2016, when 10 CRPF commandos were killed in a Naxal attack near Aurangabad area of Bihar .

Using reverse-image search on the image of dead soldiers, we found an article dated July 19, 2016 published on The Logical Indian.

Titled “Bihar: 10 CRPF Commandos Killed In A Naxal Attack Near Aurangabad”, the report mentions that 10 CRPF commandos from the elite COBRA (Commando Battalion For Resolute Action) battalion were martyred and five others were injured in a Naxal IED blast in the jungles of Chakarbanda-Dumri Kala in the district of Aurangabad, Bihar.

The report carries the same image which is now being shared as Indian soldiers martyred by Pakistan. The report attributes the image to news website Patrika.

We also found a Times of India news report confirming the same incident.

The claim made by Pakistan of killing nine Indian soldiers has been denied by the Indian Army. The Indian Army said it lost two soldiers and a civilian in an unprovoked ceasefire violation by Pakistan on October 20, 2019.

Times Fact Check has found that an old photo from 2016 Naxal attack in Bihar is being shared with a false claim of it being that of Indian soldiers killed by the Pakistan Army .

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