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Fined Rs 6.53 lakh in Odisha: Nagaland truck

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14th September, 2019 18:50 IST


Bhubaneswar: A Nagaland-enrolled truck was fined an incredible Rs 6.53 lakh for seven petty criminal offenses in Odisha’s Sambalpur. Yet, this was not under the new Motor Vehicles Act.

The fine was forced August 10 for ridiculing traffic leads much before the corrected Motor Vehicles Act appeared September 1. The issue became known just Saturday, said sources.

Sambalpur Regional Transport Office (RTO) issued the Challan to driver Dillip Karta and truck proprietor Shailesh Shankar Lal Gupta bearing Registration number – NL 08 D 7079.

Out of the Rs 6.53 lakh, the truck proprietor was fined Rs 6,40,500 for not covering street regulatory obligation for a long time — from July 21, 2014 to September 30, 2019 — under Odisha Motor Vehicles Taxation (OMVT) Act.

The RTO additionally demanded fine — for not conveying records, including vehicle protection, damaging air and clamor contamination, conveying travelers on the merchandise vehicle and abusing license conditions, sources included.

According to the challan duplicate, other than the street charge punishment, the RTO has fined the truck proprietor Rs 100 for general offense, Rs 500 for noncompliance of requests/hindrance, Rs 1,000 for damaging air and clamor contamination, and Rs 5,000 for conveying travelers in products vehicle.

Also, Rs 5,000 was charged for utilizing the vehicle without grant or disregarding license conditions and Rs 1,000 for employing without protection.

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