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Fire at Indore hotel, six saved

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Metro Vaartha
21st October, 2019 18:28 IST

Indore : A massive fire broke out at a hotel in Indore on Monday. Police said six persons trapped inside were rescued by fire tender teams from the Golden Gate Hotel located in Vijay Nagar area of the city."The incident happened at Golden Gate Hotel in Vijay Nagar area. Most parts of the hotel are made of wood. Eight fire tenders were rushed to the spot. The six people trapped inside were rescued,' said Vijay Nagar CSP Harish Motwani.

The rescued have been shifted to a hospital.As soon as the news of the fire started, there was chaos in the hotel. It is not clear how the fire broke out. The fire is so fierce that it was very hard to extinguish. Smoke spread throughout the whole area. People in the proximal region also reported having trouble breathing.Most of the hotel was made of wood. Therefore the flames spread very fast.  In a short time, it spread throughout the building. Other buildings adjoining the hotel have also been evacuated.  The flames had spread from the bottom to the top of the hotel.

Inspector Tahjib Kaji of the Vijay Nagar police station said, one of the trapped persons tried to jump from the roof of the hotel but was rescued by fire brigade officials. Police said the fire has been extinguished after a 2-hour long operation. Damage caused to property has not been ascertained yet.

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