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Bollywood Star Tiger Shroff Anime-fies Instagram Thanks To Crunchyroll's Gift

Bollywood actor Tiger Shroff recently sent his Instagram abuzz when he shared a selfie cradling a vibrant anime-style portrait of himself. The artwork, a gift from Crunchyroll , was crafted by Chilean artist Nico Bascuñán, and Shroff, a self-proclaimed anime aficionado, expressed gratitude for the unique present.

Known for his love of anime, particularly the iconic Dragon Ball Z series, Shroff has been vocal about his passion for Japanese animation. This shared enthusiasm led to an exciting collaboration between the Bollywood actor and Crunchyroll, a global anime streaming giant.

The partnership, unveiled on July 14, aims to "promote the art of anime in India," according to Crunchyroll. CEO Rahul Purini expressed his excitement, welcoming Shroff into the Crunchyroll family and highlighting the shared appreciation for anime's characters, artistry, and profound storytelling that connects with audiences worldwide.

Crunchyroll's commitment to spreading the anime culture in India doesn't stop there. On October 27, the company announced its collaboration with Comic Con India, becoming the 'Powered By' partner for upcoming events in Bengaluru, Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Mumbai. This move is set to immerse fans in the vibrant world of anime through interactive experiences.

Taking a step further, Crunchyroll introduced its first slate of Hindi and Indian English dubs on November 2, catering specifically to the diverse linguistic audience in India. These additions coincide with the introduction of subscription tiers tailored to Indian viewers, making Crunchyroll even more accessible to a wider audience.

The collaboration with Tiger Shroff, a household name with broad appeal, is a strategic move for Crunchyroll. The actor's popularity is expected to amplify the reach of the Crunchyroll anime brand, transcending boundaries from metropolitan cities to smaller villages.

In essence, the Crunchyroll and Tiger Shroff partnership is not just about streaming anime; it's a cultural fusion that aims to create a lasting impact on India's entertainment landscape. As the country embraces the mesmerizing world of Japanese animation, Crunchyroll and Shroff stand at the forefront, bringing the joy of anime to fans old and new alike.

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