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Unconventional Fashion Icon Uorfi Javed Gets Death Threats After 'Chhote Pandit' Halloween Act

Uorfi Javed , a well-known actor and reality star, has always been in the spotlight for her unique and often unconventional fashion choices. Her style has been described as both bizarre and creative, with some praising her sartorial selections and others sparking controversy.

Recently, Uorfi decided to pay homage to the iconic character ' Chhote Pandit ' played by actor Rajpal Yadav in the hit movie ' Bhool Bhulaiyaa ' for Halloween. However, her creative tribute didn't sit well with everyone, and she found herself on the receiving end of death threats from trolls.

Uorfi's transformation into 'Chhote Pandit' was a meticulous one. She painted her face red, donned an orange dhoti paired with a sheer red top, and adorned herself with a marigold garland. To complete the look, she even placed incense sticks on her ears, paying attention to every detail to capture the essence of the character.

The moment Uorfi shared this transformation on Instagram, she faced immediate backlash. Some users criticized her for what they perceived as an insult to the Hindu culture, urging her to take down the post. This negative response quickly escalated into something much darker as Uorfi started receiving death threats via email.

In her distress, the 26-year-old actress shared screenshots of these menacing emails on her X (formerly Twitter) account. The messages were chilling. One email from a person named Nikhil Goswami demanded that she remove the video, threatening her life if she failed to comply. Another individual, Rupesh Kumar , accused her of defaming the Hindu religion and ominously warned her that he would harm her at a particular intersection.

The level of hatred and threats that Uorfi Javed has encountered is deeply unsettling. She expressed her shock and dismay at the situation, pointing out the irony that her recreation of a character from a movie faced such severe backlash, while the original character did not.

Uorfi is no stranger to controversy, and her bold fashion choices have garnered her both admiration and criticism. Her ability to make headlines with her unconventional outfits and unfiltered remarks is well-documented. In fact, this incident isn't the first time she has been targeted by trolls.

In December 2022, a man in Mumbai was arrested for sending rape and death threats to the television actress. Despite the challenges, Uorfi Javed remains unapologetic about her style, often responding to criticism with her characteristic wit and confidence.

Uorfi's social media presence is a testament to her fearless approach to fashion and self-expression. She's known for her DIY videos, where she demonstrates her creative and unique fashion experiments.

From making tops out of stockings to crafting dresses from unconventional materials, Uorfi continuously pushes boundaries and challenges societal norms, despite the threats and backlash she encounters. She remains a true fashion maverick, unapologetically herself, no matter what others may say.

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