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BTS' V And Actor Yoo Seung Ho Confirmed As Guests On 'Running Man' TV Program

BTS' V and actor Yoo Seung Ho are set to co-star on an upcoming episode of 'Running Man'!

According to a November 20 report by News1, V and Yoo Seung Ho are scheduled to film an upcoming episode of 'Running Man' together.

A representative from 'Running Man' responded to the report, confirming, “V and Yoo Seung Ho will be carrying out filming today.
The broadcast is scheduled for December 3.”

V previously appeared on the September 10 episode of 'Running Man,' while Yoo Seung Ho guest-starred on the October 8 broadcast. Host HaHa, during their individual appearances, suggested the concept of featuring both V and Yoo Seung Ho together in a special 'Tazza' episode.

During the October 8 broadcast, Yoo Seung Ho showcased exceptional skills portraying a 'con artist' character as a guest. Impressed by his performance, Haha remarked, "Seung ho is adapting incredibly quickly, let's call Yoo Seung-ho and V and do a special episode," hinting at the idea of a special 'Tazza' (card shark) themed episode.

The inclusion of Yoo Seung Ho, who made his debut appearance on a variety show and astonished viewers with his unexpectedly bold portrayal of a con artist, is generating high anticipation.

The arrival of these two special guests is poised to significantly elevate the appeal of 'Running Man,' particularly following the recent departure of regular cast member Jeon So Min.

'Running Man' intends to retain its present lineup, consisting of the current members and guest appearances, instead of promptly replacing the vacancy created by Jeon So Min's departure. The show airs every Sunday evening at 6:20 PM KST.

Meanwhile, BTS' V, also known as Kim Taehyung, made history by becoming the first K-pop soloist to secure a remarkable achievement. His debut solo album, 'LAYOVER,' has achieved the longest charting period on France's SNEP Official Top Albums chart. This unprecedented milestone marks the first instance in SNEP's history where a K-pop soloist has achieved such longevity on the chart.

The album 'LAYOVER' consists of six tracks, namely: 'For You,' 'Blue,' 'Slow Dancing,' 'Rainy Days,' 'Love Me Again,' and 'Slow Dancing (Piano Version).'

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