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BTS' Jimin And Jungkook Reveal V's Mischievous Moments

Since their debut in 2013, BTS has solidified their position as more than just an idol group. Through their close-knit bond, they have earned recognition as a family, cherishing moments of joy and occasionally teasing one another to express their affection.

However, this very characteristic endears BTS even more to their ARMYs, with Jimin exemplifying the depth of their friendship during a live broadcast.

After the inaugural night in Los Angeles, during their PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE concert tour in late 2021, the group's maknae line (V, Jimin, and Jungkook ) opted to delight ARMYs further by hosting a live session and engaging in conversation with them.

Following the lengthy performance, the members deliberated over their post-show meal options. Jimin and Jungkook leaned towards a hearty meal to replenish their energy reserves, while V expressed a preference for something lighter, aiming to maintain his physique.

Jimin humorously quipped that he wouldn't allow V to maintain his shape, teasingly promising to repeatedly exclaim, "This looks delicious, V," during their meal. And to clarify any confusion, Jimin playfully pointed out that it was a particular weakness of V's, much to the group's collective amusement.

Jimin elaborated that whenever a member, especially Jungkook, decides to embark on a diet journey, he finds enjoyment in teasing and playfully bantering with them.

As anticipated, Jungkook chimed in to share his perspective, mentioning his dedication to exercising self-control during his diet regimen. Specifically, he mentioned abstaining from indulging in sweet and sour chicken. However, V mischievously seized the opportunity to tease Jungkook by unexpectedly requesting him to feed him the very dish he was avoiding.

After playfully labeling him as the "devil" when someone is on a diet, Jimin proceeded to spill more tea about V's mischievous antics and behavior.

It appeared that all these anecdotes evoked some emotion in V, although his fellow members didn't seem too concerned. Instead, they playfully teased V by jokingly suggesting that he would soon experience what they had endured, with Jungkook even jesting about bunking in V's room after his meal, eagerly awaiting the delivery of all the tempting treats.

Indeed, the members were simply engaging in playful banter, highlighting the depth of their bond and the ease with which they can enjoy each other's company. V's playful interactions with Jungkook epitomize a sibling-like dynamic, showcasing their closeness. The mutual desire for revenge only adds to the relatability of their dynamic, further emphasizing the genuine camaraderie within the group.

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