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Golden Live concert: BTS's Jungkook Stuns Fans with Intense Workout and Refreshing Shower Moments

On Monday, Jungkook from BTS responded to the six questions he had posed to fans in a recent Weverse post. Additionally, at his Golden live on-stage concert in Seoul, he delighted fans with a sneak peek of his recent journey to Hungary. This footage was part of his Golden Closet Film (GCF) series, where Jungkook produces and films travel videos.

Jungkook responded to six questions during the live show
The first question was, "If we were to have a meal together, what food would you like to eat?" multiple answers appeared on a screen behind Jungkook while he was on stage. After reviewing all the options, he said, “If it's three meals a day--pickled perilla leaves in the morning, then for lunch Mak-guksu and for dinner pork belly. That's right, three meals with JK. A late-night snack? Let's eat chicken?”

Jungkook also provided an answer to the second question, "If you could spend just one day with me, what would you like to do?" A fan suggested a one-person concert for him and he said, "Please do it for me." He later said, "I want to exercise with you. I think I would get exhausted at an amusement park."

Jungkook on what he said last in a group chat with members
"What is the first word that comes to mind (or the word that best describes me) when you see me?" was the third question. The BTS singer said, "Love comes to mind first when I see army." The fourth question was, "What was the last thing I said in the group chat with the members?" After teasing fans, Jungkook said, "I think it's ‘kekekekeke (laughing sound)’."

Jungkook discusses his favorite part of his body
Jungkook replied to the question, "What is my favorite part of the body that I like?" He said, "There are two--my eyes and my hand." "If all ARMYs in the audience close their eyes for a moment, what would I do?" was the last question. After requesting the audience to shut their eyes, Jungkook began to sing.

Jungkook shares videos while he showers and exercises
At the concert, Jungkook's crew showcased a five-minute video featuring his time in Hungary. The footage offered glimpses of his departure from Seoul and a sneak peek into his pre-shoot routine before heading to the music video set.

Jungkook exercised on a treadmill, clad only in trousers, before eventually resting on the floor when fatigued. Later, he brought the camera into the bathroom, showing himself showering within a glass enclosure. Throughout the video, he indulged in various meals and engaged with people, capturing the moments. This footage, titled 'G.C.F in Budapest,' was shared on Bantan TV's YouTube channel.

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