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NewJeans shines, BLACKPINK makes history, BTS dominates at 2023 Billboard Music Awards

The 2023 Billboard Music Awards , held on November 19, brought a wave of excitement and celebration in the world of K-pop . With a star-studded lineup and new categories, this year's awards showcased the industry's diverse talent.

NewJeans , a fourth-generation rookie group, emerged as the night's breakout stars. Surpassing renowned acts like BTS 's Jimin, Stray Kids , Tomorrow X Together, and Twice, NewJeans clinched their inaugural victory, winning Top Global K-Pop Artist .

Expressing gratitude, Hanni stated, “To have been nominated in this category alongside such incredible artists we all look up to is an honor in itself, and we are so grateful for this opportunity to perform at the Billboard Music Awards.” Minji added, "This award will be a reminder to us for all the love and support we’ve received from our fans BUNNIES."

BLACKPINK made history by winning Top K-Pop Touring Artist , marking their first Billboard Music Award. The YG Entertainment girl group achieved this milestone with their chart-shattering music tour, BORN PINK, surpassing BTS's Suga's D-Day and Twice's world tour.

Stray Kids took home the award for Top K-Pop Album with "5-STAR." Bang Chan thanked their dedicated fan club STAY, emphasizing, "Without the love and support from everyone, we would probably not have made it this far." Changbin added, "It’s all thanks to the tremendous love that STAY has shown us that has allowed us to return with even better music."

Meanwhile, BTS's Jungkook secured the Top Global K-Pop Song award with "Seven" (feat. Latto). In his heartfelt acceptance video, Jungkook expressed, "Thank you ARMY and everyone who loved this song. Without you, I couldn’t have gotten this amazing award."

The night also highlighted BTS member Jimin's multiple nominations, securing spots in four prominent categories, including Top Billboard Global Artist, Top Selling Song for "Like Crazy," Top Global K-Pop Artist, and Top K-Pop Album. Jimin's nomination in the Top Selling Song category marked his debut as a K-pop solo artist in this prestigious category.

The 2023 Billboard Music Awards not only recognized outstanding achievements but also showcased the continuous global dominance of K-pop. NewJeans' debut win, BLACKPINK's historic moment, and BTS's ongoing influence solidified K-pop's place in the international music scene. As the performances and speeches echoed through the night, it became clear that K-pop's impact is far-reaching, captivating audiences worldwide.

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