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Ariana Grande Switched Up Her Classic Nude Lip For A Cherry Red Surprise!

Ariana Grande 's recent appearance had fans buzzing as she swapped her signature nude lip for a rare cherry-red moment. Known for her '60s mod style and sleek makeup, the singer surprised everyone at the opening night of boyfriend Ethan Slater's Broadway musical Spamalot.

Sporting a stunning cherry-red lipstick, Grande's makeup shift was a departure from her usual neutral tones.
Her makeup artist, Ash K Holm, created a flawless canvas with dewy skin, sculpted cheeks, and a touch of highlighter, allowing the bold lip to take center stage. A classic black winged eyeliner framed her eyes, adding to the glam without overshadowing the statement lip.

Red lips have been sizzling on runways and red carpets this season, and Grande's choice aligns perfectly with the trend. Celebrity makeup artist Patrick Ta explained, "Cherry is a main character color—it's confident and empowered, making you feel bold and chic."

The resurgence of '90s grunge vibes has put red back in the spotlight, especially fitting for the fall and winter months when warmth and vibrancy are embraced. Grande's sleek black dress, with its off-the-shoulder style and knee-length hem, paired with mesh opera gloves and sheer tights, created an elegant backdrop that accentuated the drama of the red lip.

This unexpected pop of color from Grande signals a daring shift, proving that even the most iconic looks can get a captivating update. Whether it was the Broadway buzz or the festive air that inspired her, one thing's for sure—this bold lip moment has everyone talking.

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