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Hailey Bieber's Pre-Birthday Fun Starts With Classy Red Wine Manicures!

Hailey Bieber , founder of Rhode, is gearing up to celebrate her upcoming 27th birthday on November 22 in her signature style. The festivities began early, with Hailey sharing glimpses of her pre-birthday celebrations with friends. Her fashion choice for the occasion was a stunning red ensemble, evoking what we can aptly term as "red wine couture," spanning from her dress to her meticulously adorned nails.

On November 16, Hailey Bieber treated her Instagram followers to a series of photos, marking the start of her birthday week and the anticipation of her Saturn Return.

Her outfit was a captivating monochromatic ensemble in deep red hues, drawing attention not just to her archival Thierry Mugler dress but also to her nails, a detail that couldn't escape notice.

Hailey sported medium-length almond-shaped nails, flawlessly mirroring the color palette of her attire. The shade was neither the traditional cherry red nor the highly trendy "cherry mocha." Instead, it echoed the likes of the popular Malaga Wine tone, reminiscent of Rachel Zegler's recent Bordeaux nails at the Hunger Games premiere—a classy and chic shade, akin to the essence of a Pinot Noir, fittingly chosen for this celebration.

Her overall glam was a perfect match for her skin-tight velvet dress. She styled her hair elegantly in a sleek French twist, framing her face with strands of hair. Her makeup exuded radiance, with dewy, glowing skin, complemented by red blush on her cheeks, and lips adorned with a subdued red shade with a hint of sparkle—thanks to her newly acquired shimmery Peptide Lip Tint in Jelly Bean, as shared on her Instagram story.

While not everyone possesses a vintage Mugler dress in their wardrobe, replicating Hailey's nail style is easily achievable with drugstore products.

Begin by removing any existing polish with nail polish remover, then trim and shape your nails. Soften and push back your cuticles using oil, followed by cleaning and applying a base coat.

Once the base coat dries, apply two to three coats of OPI’s Malaga Wine ($12) and let it dry. Seal the color with your preferred top coat and nourish your nails with a touch of nail oil for added health. With these simple steps, you'll be all set for your own birthday celebration.

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