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Ji Chang Wook's Indoor Smoking Apology Sparks Fresh Celebrity Controversy

Amidst the ongoing debate surrounding indoor smoking, actor Ji Chang Wook has issued an apology, reigniting past controversies involving celebrities smoking indoors.

Ji Chang Wook found himself at the center of a recent controversy after a behind-the-scenes video for JTBC's 'Welcome to Samdali' surfaced, depicting him in what appeared to be an indoor smoking situation.
The video showed Ji Chang Wook rehearsing alongside actors Shin Hye-sun, Lee Jae-won, Bae Myung-jin, and members of the production team.

Although the video did not explicitly capture him smoking, the sight of him holding an e-cigarette during the gathering sparked criticism from netizens, who deemed it insensitive.

After facing criticism, JTBC decided to take down the video, yet the controversy persisted, prompting Ji Chang Wook to issue an apology.

His agency, Glorious Entertainment, stated,

"We apologize to everyone who felt uncomfortable with the behavior of actor Ji Chang Wook in the drama making content released on January 26. Actor Ji Chang-wook acknowledges his inappropriate behavior and is sorry for disappointing many. We once again deeply apologize to those who encountered the content, the staff on site, the cast members, and viewers who love the work."

Indoor smoking controversies involving celebrities often resurface periodically. Last August, EXO's D.O. found himself in the spotlight after being caught smoking in an MBC waiting room. Following this incident, a netizen lodged a complaint about D.O.'s indoor smoking with the Mapo District Health Center, leading to D.O. being fined.

Last month, NCT 's Haechan found himself amidst controversy when a behind-the-scenes dance practice video, released through an official channel, showed him smoking an e-cigarette indoors. SM Entertainment apologized, stating, "We confirmed that Haechan used an e-cigarette indoors in the NCT 127 dance practice content. We plan to pay the fine imposed by the health authorities today."

The controversy surrounding Ji Chang Wook has sparked renewed scrutiny of a video featuring director Jang Hang-jun smoking indoors. In the film 'You Were a Director,' released last October, Jang Hang-jun was captured smoking indoors in the presence of colleagues such as director Lee Ok-seop and Jang Do-yeon. This particular scene has since been discreetly edited out, much to the disappointment of netizens.

Smoking in designated no-smoking zones is not only illegal but also frowned upon by netizens, especially when done without consideration for colleagues and staff. This lack of consideration is widely criticized as an act of 'power abuse', drawing apologies even from celebrities who have been caught in the act.

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