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Kriti Sanon Brings Back The Bold 2000s Chunky Belt

In the world of fashion, trends often come full circle, and Kriti Sanon is spearheading the resurgence of the 2000s chunky belt . While the internet buzzes with Diesel's bold belt skirt, it was Sanon 's unexpected nod to Michael Kors ' Fall/Winter ‘23/’24 runway collection that truly turned heads. In an era dominated by essential pieces, the return of chunky belts adds a refreshing twist to the current fashion narrative.

The 2000s were characterized by flashy, over-the-top accessories, with chunky belts reaching their zenith in 2002, reflecting the era's penchant for chaotic styling. Surprisingly, these statement belts are now undergoing a contemporary revival.


In the summer of 2022, model Bella Hadid strutted through New York donning a crop top and denim shorts, accentuated by a bold " Gaultier Supreme " belt buckle. Fast forward to 2023, Anne Hathaway made waves at a dinner hosted by Donatella Versace, sporting a black two-piece ensemble complemented by a leather waist belt, seamlessly blending style and functionality as a curve-enhancing corset.

Kriti Sanon's take on the trend warrants closer inspection. While modern belts tend to prioritize practicality, Sanon's ensemble showcases their versatility. Teaming a simple red bodycon dress with dual slits, the chunky belt injects a playful element, disrupting the monotony of the attire. It exemplifies the art of combining minimalist pieces with bold accessories, preventing the overall look from veering into the realm of plain or mundane.

From Jennifer Lopez 's iconic oversized belt in 2000 to Kriti Sanon's recent Michael Kors leather piece, it's evident that the allure of extravagant belts continues to grow. This prompts a pertinent question for 2024: do statement belts now seamlessly merge functionality with style, or do they still maintain their revered status as impractical yet coveted fashion accessories?

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