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Miss Universe 2023: Shweta Sharda Radiates Strength And Beauty In National Costume Round

Shweta Sharda , India's representative, embodied the spirit of a contemporary Indian woman with her breathtaking presentation during the Miss Universe National Costume Round.

The 72nd Miss Universe Pageant commenced with the Preliminary Gala on Wednesday, November 15th. Shweta Sharda, India's representative, captivated the audience with her mesmerizing presence, donning an intricately embroidered gold ensemble that left everyone in awe.

Among the 85 contestants vying for the coveted Miss Universe title following R'Bonney Gabriel, they showcased their swimsuits and elegant gowns during the National Costume Round. The anticipation soared as both contestants and spectators eagerly awaited the results of this pivotal initial stage, set to be disclosed during the final on Saturday, November 18th. While we're cheering for Shweta Sharda's success, let's delve deeper into her stunning appearance.

Shweta Sharda's National Costume

At the National Costume Round, 22-year-old Shweta Sharda, representing India, donned a regal embroidered blouse paired with a heavily embellished traditional skirt crafted by designer Nidhi Yasha. Her attire metaphorically embodies a nation that has endured hardships and emerged resilient. Resplendent as an armored deity, the ensemble pays homage to the diversity, integrity, and unyielding spirit of the Indian populace. The caption accompanying Shweta Sharda's Instagram photos further expounded on this powerful vision.

The costume achieves a beautiful balance between delicacy and power, highlighted by a technical bodice and sturdy shoulders that accentuate the feminine form. Inspired by India's national flower, the lotus, the headdress—a lotus halo—symbolizes the harmonious coexistence of the nation's diverse religions and cultures.

Intricately embroidered peacock feathers adorn the lower portion, transforming it into a mystical golden peacock, India's national bird. A flowing organza skirt paired with a strikingly long trail creates a contrast that skillfully complements the structured torso, playing with the costume's design elements.

With the guidance of makeup artist Bhagyashree Tanwar, Shweta adorned herself in a golden shimmering eyeshadow, winged eyeliner, smudged kajal, mascara-coated lashes, defined eyebrows, sculpted cheeks with a touch of blush, radiant highlighter, and a nude lipstick shade.

Hairstylist Palakh Hingorani fashioned her luscious locks into soft curls, elegantly cascading down her shoulders, enhancing her striking appearance. Her overall look stands as a testament to India's remarkable ability to embrace diversity and find harmony within its captivating contradictions.

As Shweta Sharda took the stage in this stunning masterpiece, she epitomized the spirit of a modern Indian woman: strong, resilient, and resolute. India's national costume not only showcased the country's rich cultural heritage but also symbolized its evolution and contemporary identity, reflecting its remarkable growth.

We're excited to see her runway presence in the days ahead and witness her pursuit of the Miss Universe crown. As we root for Shweta Sharda, don't forget to catch the final round of Miss Universe on the YouTube channel and X account, airing at 6:30 am on November 19, IST.

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