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All Aboard! The 6 Most Scenic And Luxurious Train Routes To Experience This Year

Looking to travel by train this year? We've curated the best routes for you to book.

Luxury train travel is making a grand comeback. Iconic lines like the Eastern & Oriental Express, a Belmond Train traversing Southeast Asia, have reintroduced and expanded their routes. Classic itineraries such as a winter journey through Alaska offer travellers a plethora of choices.

From high-speed routes connecting Indonesia’s bustling cities to a line that transports passengers from Cancun to Mexico's lush beaches, here are the best trains to book in 2024 .

1. The Brightline — Florida

This new high-speed rail in Florida connects Orlando and Miami, with stops in West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, and Aventura.

2. The Whoosh — Indonesia

Debuting this fall, Indonesia’s high-speed train, Whoosh, links two of Java’s largest cities, Jakarta and Bandung. The train reaches speeds of up to 215 mph, reducing the three-hour journey to less than 60 minutes.

3. The Tren Maya — Mexico

The highly anticipated Tren Maya in Mexico begins its operations, eventually looping around the Yucatán Peninsula. It connects Cancún International Airport with over a dozen destinations, including Tulum, Mérida, and Palenque.

4. The European Sleeper

European overnight trains are making a return. The European Sleeper, launched in May, runs between Brussels and Berlin with stops in Antwerp, Rotterdam, and Amsterdam. The line now extended to Dresden and Prague.

5. Nightjet

Nightjet reintroduces overnight rail service between Berlin and Paris this winter, after a nine-year hiatus. This service connects over 25 cities across Europe.

6. The Acela — The Northeast Corridor

The next generation of Amtrak’s Acela, operating along the Northeast Corridor, launched this year. These 28 high-speed trains will reach speeds of up to 160 mph, 10 mph faster than the current models.

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