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Girl commits suicide after her mom scolds her for using mobile

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12th October, 2019 14:30 IST

A shocking case of crime is recently reported from Bhilai. In this case, the mother, distressed by the growing addiction of the daughter's mobile phone, tried to convince her for not using mobile but what happened after that shocked everyone. In this case, angry with her mother, the daughter committed suicide and this case is done in Charoda Basti of Durg district. 

In this case, there has been a stir in the area after the incident, while the police has been informed about this matter. Police has started investigation in this matter and they said that this incident is of old Bhilai police station area. According to the news, "The incident is being reported around 7.30 am on Thursday morning. A woman living in Charoda Basti scolded her daughter from using the phone. The daughter got angry on this matter and went to her room.

Troubled by the mother's scolding, the daughter went to her room. Angry, she closed the door of his room. She made a noose and hanged it on the fan of a scarf. When the girl was not found for a long time, her mother started searching. When the door of the room was opened, the girl's body was found there. The family informed the police about the matter. Now after knowing the whole matter, the old Bhilai police station has started investigating the case.

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