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Goa waste management minister claims, 'stray cattle have become carnivorous'

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23rd October, 2019 09:31 IST

Panaji: Goa's waste management minister Michael Lobo has recently claimed that stray cattle have 'become carnivorous' in the coastal region of the state. He says that such animals are being transferred to a cattle shelter and the trustees have also confirmed the unusual trend. Kamalakant Tari, a trustee of the Gomantak Gosevak Mahasangh in Mayem in North Goa, said, "Chicken and mutton bones were found in the intestines of stray cattle in Calangut village." It was brought to the shelter, where the veterinarians treated him.

With this, Tari said, "Desi cattle do not accept chicken and mutton at their own will. They eat what they get. Large hotels and other restaurants in the Calangute region eat their leftovers - vegetables, rice, The bones of chicken and mutton are mixed together and thrown away, which the cattle eat. " Adding further, Tari said, "Where does the animal know what it is eating. They are dependent on mixed leftovers in coastal restaurants and the Calangute-Candolim beach area, and later they become accustomed to eating them." During the treatment, we found bones in the digestive system of the cattle. "

Along with this, he also claimed that while local (native) cattle breeds eat grass and foreign breeds like Jersey and Holstein cows are fed meat with fodder.

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