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In reply to Ponnani girl's letter, Kiwi PM hints at Kerala visit

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The Times Of India
22nd October, 2019 04:10 IST

Malappuram: A Class X student from Ponnani had written a letter to the Prime Minister of New Zealand , Jacinda Ardem , wishing her success on the PM’s 39th birthday and quite unexpectedly she received a personal letter in reply from the PM herself.

It was around three months ago that Amana Ashraf , a class X student of Ansar English School, Perumbilavu, wrote a letter to the PM felicitating her on her birthday on July 26. In her letter, Amana had said that she was very curious to know more about her as she is the youngest prime minister of the country, who responded to the terrorist attack on Christchurch with a strong message of love.

In Jacinda’s reply letter, which was received two days ago, the PM appreciated Amana and she also hinted at a visit to the state. “I really appreciate your kind words of support and encouragement. It has been a difficult few months for New Zealand, especially for our Muslim community. But letters like yours have really helped. Knowing that we have friends around the world, who are prepared to stand with us and spread love and solidarity rather than hatred and division, has given us strength,” she says in the letter. “I have never been to Kerala, but I have heard that it is spectacular, and I hope to see it for myself one day,”the letter says.

Amana had enquired about the 1-year-old daughter of the PM, Neve, in her letter. Replying to this, the PM said that Neve is very well. Amana said that she is excited that the PM of a foreign country replied to her letter.

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