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Legal literacy camp for tribals

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The Times Of India
15th October, 2019 05:28 IST

Rampa Chodavaram: District judge B Sai Kalyana Chakravarthi recently organised a legal literacy comp for tribals of the Godavari valley to enable them to seek legal recourse on the problems faced by them. Many tribals in the area were displaced due to the construction of the Polavaram irrigation project.

According to reports, authorities have failed to comply with the rehabilitation and resettlement measures they were supposed to take up. Moreover, tribals complain that authorities have been trying to evict the tribes without following due legal processes. Land acquisition authorities too have allegedly shown disregard for tribal rights.

There have also been complaints that ineligible people have received compensation.

To address these concerns, the district judge organised a legal literacy camp wherein many tribals submitted details of the problems faced by them.

Tribals maintain that one of the major issues facing them is that authorities refuse to recognise their rights over forest land —Samson Raj/TNN

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