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Lok Sabha elections: BJP battles dissent in MP after ticket distribution

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The Times Of India
25th March, 2019 09:57 IST
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BHOPAL: Unrest has erupted in BJP after it came out with its first list of 15 Lok Sabha candidates for Madhya Pradesh on Saturday. The saffron party is battling dissent in at least five seats. In Sidhi constituency, BJP's Singrauli district president Kanti Shirsh Devsingh aka Raja Saheb resigned on Sunday, along with several supporters. In Tikamgarh , Shahdol, Khandwa and Mandsaur seats, party workers have come out in protest against the official candidates.

In Singrauli, a large number of BJP workers had demanded a local candidate for Sidhi, and are opposed to sitting MP Riti Pathak, who was blamed for alleged misuse of government funds last year. Soon after Pathak's name was announced, Singrauli BJP president Kanti Singh tendered his resignation.

"Party workers wanted a local candidate but the leadership did not accept their demand. I cannot withstand the ire of party workers and have decided to quit as district president. I am not quitting the party and will continue to support the leadership," Kanti Singh told TOI.

"Singrauli district has always added numbers to Sidhi Lok Sabha seat. In 2013 and 2018 assembly polls, BJP won all three seats -- Chitrangi, Singrauli and Deosar. In 2014 Lok Sabha polls, Singrauli contributed to the victory of the party. But, the demand of a local candidate was not accepted," he rued.

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