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Man dies in freak accident in Rajkot

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The Times Of India
20th October, 2019 12:55 IST

RAJKOT: In a freak accident , a youth was killed when his bike’s wheel got entangled in a wire stored by Paschim Gujarat Vij Company Limited (PGVCL) workers near Kharachiya village of Sardhar on the outskirts of Rajkot. After his bike fell, Lalji Morwadia (30) was crushed to death by a speeding gas tanker coming from the opposite direction.

The accident occurred due to the electricity repairing work undertaken by the PGVCL. Morwadia, who worked as a labourer, was driving his bike on which his friend Paresh Vatiya was riding pillion.

“When they reached Kharachiya, according to Vatiya, Morwadia saw wires lying on the road. He swerved the bike to save it from the wires, but there was a wire on the road on the other side in which his bike’s wheel got entangled,” said a police official.

When Morwadia fell on the road, a speeding tanker that was coming from the opposite direction slammed on its brakes. However, it was too late, as Morwadia’s head had come under the tanker’s wheel killing Morwadia on the spot.

After causing the accident, the tanker lost control and overturned, following which the gas started leaking from it.

“After the accident, we along with a team of PGVCL officials rushed to the spot. In order to prevent fire due to gas leakage, the PGVCL team cut the power supply in three villages and started the process of filling gas that was leaking into another tanker,” added the official.

Meanwhile, Vatiya, who was injured in the accident, was admitted to Rajkot Civil Hospital.

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