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Man praised for playing squatters at their own game after they move into house

A man has been praised for playing squatters at their own game after they moved into his home and refused to leave.

When working for a property management company, the man revealed a tenant had allowed his friends to move into a house and lived there long enough to earn squatters' rights.

He tried to negotiate with them to leave – but the friend group simply refused. Knowing it would take weeks if not months to resolve through the courts, he came up with a plan to get them to leave within days.

He said on Reddit: "I worked for managed properties out of California where we were located. A tenant allowed friends to move in and then vacated after his friends had lived there for a while. We tried to negotiate but these douches decided they wanted us to go the legal route.

"Instead, we found the biggest son of a B we could hire. We have him a fresh lease with his name on it, a 36-pack of Coors, pizza take-out, and keys. He was instructed to sit on their couch, watch their TV, and get comfy." When the friend group returned home and discovered the stranger sitting on their sofa, they firmly told him to leave.

But he played them at their own game – and simply refused. He added: "He wasn't moving. He told them to go ahead and call the police. They did. The police told them he was legally allowed to be there. Tenants had stronger rights than owners in this area. They were out within a week, while we paid him to be an absolute nuisance."

Commenting on his post, one user said: "This honestly sounds like a fun job." Another user added: "The smelly tramp routine. A software house I worked for in the early 80s dealt with non-payers by having a colleague wear stinking clothes sit in the client’s lobby with the invoice and refuse to leave until paid."

A third user said: "There are three brothers in my city that do this. I found out because they also move furniture. They said moving furniture helped them get their foot into the door with this type of business. Now it's just word of mouth.

"They are pretty intimidating guys. Well over 6 feet tall, have tattoos, are muscular, and wear clothes that show most of their body off (athletic shorts and tank tops). They said they're allowed to bring their well-trained dogs with them and basically just make people's lives miserable. They were very nice, respectful, had some awesome stories, and were really funny."