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Monkey walks away with telephone from Chikkaballapura district office

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The Times Of India
15th May, 2019 04:40 IST

CHIKKABALLAPURA: Monkeys at the Chikkaballapura district office have become a menace not only to the visitors, but also the staff as they are snatching off files and documets.

On Monday, a monkey entered one of the rooms in the records section of the deputy commissioner’s office and took away a telephone from the table of the shirestedar and climbed up the huge pillar of the building.

Efforts to make the monkey come down were futile as it jumped from one pillar to another along with the telephone. As a result, the landlines in the building were damaged and many telephones in the entire building got disconnected.

The building is located in the middle of a mango groove and there are huge trees on either side of the district office. Unable to bear the heat during the day, monkeys make their way into the district office building, said Muniyappa, one of the employees.

The civic authorities in Chikkaballapura have been instructed to take steps to put an end to the monkey menace.

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