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Mumbai: City witnesses 97% rise in Covid-19 cases

Mumbai reported a 97% rise in Covid-19 cases on Saturday, with 71 new infections being recorded compared to 36 a day previously.

The upward tick in Mumbai was matched by the rest of the country, with India’s single-day tally of Covid cases crossing 800 for the first time in 126 days on Saturday. According to Ministry of Health data, the number of active cases in the country climbed to 5,389.

Positivity rate in city surges

In Mumbai the number of active cases rose to 246 on Saturday compared to 200 until Friday. The test positivity rate increased to 2.86%, with 8,587 people undergoing Covid testing from March 12 to 18 (246 tested positive).

Maharashtra witnessed one Covid death for the second consecutive day on Saturday, taking the total number of deaths to 1, 48,428.

With 843 fresh infections, the country’s caseload increased to 4.46 crore. The death toll rose to 5,30,799 with four fatalities, the Ministry of Health said.

Data with respect to nation

At 5,839, active cases now comprise 0.01% of the total infections. The national Covid-19 recovery rate was recorded at 98.80%, according to the ministry’s website.

The number of people who have recuperated from the disease surged to 4,41,58,161 and the case fatality rate stands at 1.19%.

Additional Municipal Commissioner Dr Sanjeev Kumar said that although there has been a spike in cases, there is no need to panic as most of them are asymptomatic and hospitalisation rate is below 1%.

“Weather change and poor air quality are playing a major role in the rise of Covid, influenza and viral fever cases. Citizens need to be alert and look for symptoms and consult doctors immediately instead of self-medicating. Moreover, people should wear masks in public places to avoid contracting infection,” he said.

About the influenza outbreak

Maharashtra reported three suspected influenza deaths on Saturday, from Washim, Khadki Cantonment Board and Pune Municipal Corporation. The cause of all these deaths will be ascertained after postmortem and death review committees will scrutinise the medical reports. Meanwhile, 196 influenza patients are admitted to various hospitals in the state.

Details on Ifluenza cases

January 1 to March 17 (Influenza cases)

Infected patients (H1N1) 405

Infected patients (H3N2) 184

Death (H1N1) 3

Death (H3N2) 1

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