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Mumbai's Westside store lets dog rest inside while it rains

Actor and blogger Aditi Khinchi posted a video on Instagram of a West Side store—a Tata enterprise—giving shelter to a stray dog during heavy rain in Mumbai, praising Ratan Tata for his care for canines. She shared the video with the caption, "Today I noticed this doggo sitting calmly at @westsidestores in my city when it was pouring, which astonished me because it's not very usual here. No one allows dogs or cats to stay in their showrooms."

Why was the dog sitting inside the Westside store? 

Ratan Tata, the famed industrialist, is well-known for his love of animals | Image: Instagram

Ratan Tata, the famed industrialist, is well-known for his love of animals, particularly dogs. In May, a LinkedIn user revealed that Tata had told Mumbai's Taj Hotel workers to treat stray animals with care if they wandered onto the property. Tata's command made news at the time.

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Who did the woman thank for the kindness? 

The dog was seen peacefully waiting inside the Westside store | Image: Instagram

Possibly remembering that, Khinchi wrote, “Then I realised that it’s TATA Enterprises and who owns it @ratantata sir thanks so much. thanks to the staff who was so kind to give shelter to this dog during heavy rainfall ✨Kindness still exists.”

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The video also includes the text, "This is why I love @ratantata," and "Ek hi toh dil hai sir, kitni bar jitogey?" (Sir, there is only one heart, how many times will you win it?) 

How did people on the internet react? 

With over 74,000 likes, the video received a lot of attention from Instagram users. 

One of them wrote, "I wish many stores in India open their hearts to abandoned animals. This is a start toward kindness. I hope that our public becomes more open to such ideas. A change in providing quiet sanctuary for stray animals is desperately needed in India." 

A second user commented, “Ratan Tata the gem …good fellows foundation for elderly…foundation for animals n stray dogs ..army personal staying at concessional rates in taj ..hard to imagine India’s profess without him.” 

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