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Eicher Trucks & Buses Unleashes 'Non-Stop' Series: Powering Ahead With Robust Heavy-Duty Vehicles

Eicher Trucks & Buses, a prominent player in the commercial vehicle industry, has introduced its latest line of heavy-duty vehicles, aptly named the 'Non-Stop' series. Comprising four robust trucks, including the Eicher Pro 6019XPT tipper, Eicher Pro 6048XP haulage truck, Eicher Pro 6055XP, and Eicher Pro 6055XP 4x2 tractor-trucks, the series sets a new standard in the market.

Powerful and Fuel-Efficient Engines
The cornerstone of these vehicles lies in their powerful and fuel-efficient engines. The Eicher Pro 6048XP, a formidable 48-tonne vehicle, boasts a VEDX8 engine delivering 300 hp and an impressive 1200 Nm torque.

Meanwhile, both the Eicher Pro 6055XP and Eicher Pro 6055/1 (4X2) tractor trailers are equipped with the same VEDX8 engine, providing a robust 300 hp and 1200 Nm torque. The Eicher Pro 6019XPT tipper, on the other hand, draws its power from a VEDX5, 5.1-litre 4-cylinder engine, generating 240 hp power and 900 Nm torque.

Extensive Service Network and 'Eicher Site Support'
Eicher's commitment to customer service is reflected in its expansive network, boasting over 850 touchpoints, 425 authorised service centres, and more than 8000 retail centres for parts across the country. The company takes pride in its 'Eicher Site Support,' offering assistance at remote locations through over 240 sites serving 150 customers and supporting over 12,000 vehicles directly at customer sites.

AI-Powered Connectivity for Maximum Efficiency
Eicher takes a leap into the future by leveraging 100 percent connectivity for all heavy-duty vehicles, powered by AI and machine learning. This initiative enables the provision of remote and predictive diagnostic solutions, ensuring maximum efficiency and minimal downtime for fleet owners.

The seamless integration of 'My Eicher,' a fleet management service, provides valuable insights into fleet performance, covering running hours, fuel efficiency, idle time, driver behaviour, and training needs.