Jul 8, 2024

Keeping Your Car Monsoon-Ready: 10 Key Maintenance Steps


Check Tire Treads & Pressure

Tires are your car's only contact with the road, making their condition critical during the monsoon. Ensure that the tread depth is adequate for optimal grip on wet surfaces. Regularly check and maintain the recommended tire pressure to avoid skidding and hydroplaning.

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Inspect & Replace Wipers

Good visibility is crucial during heavy rains. Inspect your windshield wipers for any signs of wear and replace them if necessary. Effective wipers ensure that rainwater is cleared quickly, providing a clear view of the road ahead.

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Check Brakes

Brakes are even more critical in wet conditions. Ensure that your car's brake pads and discs are in good condition. Listen for any unusual sounds when braking, as this could indicate worn-out parts. Timely brake maintenance can prevent accidents on slippery roads.

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Seal Any Leaks

Water seeping into your car can cause significant damage. Check for leaks in the car’s body, doors, and windows. Seal any gaps with waterproofing materials to keep the interior dry and prevent mould and electrical issues.

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Ensure Headlights & Taillights Are Working

Visibility is often poor during the monsoon. Ensure that all your car's lights, including headlights, taillights, brake lights, and indicators, are working properly. Clean the light covers to remove any dirt or fog for maximum brightness.

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Clean & Check The Battery

The increased use of electrical components during the monsoon can strain your car battery. Clean the battery terminals and ensure they are corrosion-free. Check the battery’s charge and replace it if it's nearing the end of its lifespan.

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Use Anti-rust Spray On Undercarriage

Indian roads can be harsh during the monsoon, with water and mud contributing to rust. Apply an anti-rust spray to the car's undercarriage to protect it from corrosion. This can extend the life of your vehicle and prevent costly repairs.

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Check & Clean Air Filters

Wet and humid conditions can clog air filters more quickly. Inspect and clean the air filters regularly to ensure that your car's engine receives a proper air supply. Replace the filters if they appear dirty or damaged.

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Inspect & Maintain the Windshield

A clear windshield is essential for safe driving. Check for any cracks or chips and get them repaired immediately to prevent them from worsening. Clean the windshield inside and out to remove any grime or residues that can impair visibility.

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Ensure Proper Functioning Of The AC System

A well-functioning air conditioning system is important during the monsoon to prevent the windows from fogging up. Regularly service the AC system to ensure it dehumidifies effectively. Clean or replace the cabin filter to maintain good air quality inside the car.

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