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Video: Man Brutally Hacked to Death with Billhooks and Sickles on Busy Tirunelveli Road in Tamil Nadu

Tirunelveli , Tamil Nadu : In a shocking and brutal act of violence, a 35-year-old man was murdered in broad daylight on a bustling road in Tirunelveli. The horrific incident unfolded around 1 PM on Monday in front of a popular restaurant in Palayamkottai and was captured by CCTV cameras in the vicinity.

The victim, Deepak Raja, a resident of Vagaikulam near Nanguneri, was attending a family function at the restaurant in KTC Nagar when the attack occurred. Deepak, who had a criminal background with several cases against him, including for murder, became the target of a coordinated and deadly assault by a group of six men.

The CCTV footage reveals a desperate and frantic attempt by Deepak to escape his assailants. He is seen darting between parked cars in a bid to evade capture, but the attackers soon cornered him. Armed with billhooks and sickles , they relentlessly struck Deepak, pinning him to the ground and inflicting multiple severe injuries to his head and limbs. Despite the public nature of the attack, bystanders did not intervene.

Following the attack, the assailants quickly fled the scene in a car, leaving Deepak's lifeless body on the road. The police arrived promptly, securing the area and sending Deepak’s body to the Tirunelveli Government Medical College Hospital for a postmortem.

The Palayamkottai police have since registered a murder case and commenced a thorough investigation. Deputy Commissioner of Police Adharsh Pachera conducted a detailed inspection of the crime scene, and sniffer dogs were employed to aid in the investigation. Authorities are closely examining the CCTV footage and exploring various motives, including the possibility of previous enmity, to uncover the reasons behind this brutal murder.

This shocking event has left the local community in a state of fear and disbelief, highlighting the urgent need for enhanced security and vigilance in public spaces.