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Rajinikanth Praises Anirudh's Music In ‘Jailer’ For Turning It Into A Blockbuster

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On August 10, Rajinikanth 's ' Jailer ' hit the screens and embarked on an astonishing journey, ultimately securing its place among the highest-grossing Tamil films of all time. Along the way, it shattered numerous box office records, leaving audiences and the industry in awe.

Rajinikanth's Humble Acknowledgment
During a recent success meeting celebrating the film's remarkable achievements, Rajinikanth humbly shared his perspective on the movie's transformation. According to a report by, he candidly stated that, “I watched the film first without the re-recording. I then asked Sembian sir and Kannan sir about their opinions on the film. Kannan was all praise. I told him, ' Nelson is your friend and you will obviously appreciate him.'

I then asked Sembian and he said the film was average. But, the film before the re-recording was done, was average to me too. However, the manner in which Anirudh lifted the film was, 'My God'. He transformed Jailer almost like a bride-to-be after makeup. Superb,”

Praise for the Unsung Heroes
Rajinikanth also extended his appreciation to the dedicated technicians behind ‘Jailer’. He particularly commended cameraman Kartik for his surprising impact on the film and credited editor Nirmal for enhancing its overall effect.

Mixed Reactions to Rajinikanth's Remarks
While Rajinikanth's candidness was celebrated by many, some expressed reservations about his statement. A viewer remarked, "Rajinikanth should know that only music cannot make a film successful. His comment can negatively impact the confidence of the director and team."

Pressure and Expectations for the Future
Rajinikanth revealed the weight of expectations he now carries following the massive success of "Jailer." He confessed, “I swear, when this film became a hit, I was happy only for five days. After those five days, I started getting tensed about my next film and how to make it an even bigger hit since there will be higher expectations now. Really I'm telling you, I'm under a lot of tension about my next film and I don't know what to do.

I have to mention this too. Kalanithi sir was the first to watch the film with Nelson and Anirudh. When Anirudh asked if he felt it would come out like Petta, Kala sir said it's the Baasha of 2023. Then, at the audio launch, he declared that the film was going to be a mega-hit and a record-maker. It's no simple thing to say such a thing openly in public and that is why I'm saying he can become an astrologer.”

Kalanithi's Bold Prediction
Additionally, Rajinikanth praised Kalanithi, who boldly predicted the film's success. "Kala sir said it's the Baasha of 2023," Rajinikanth recounted, emphasising the audacity of such a declaration in public.

Astounding Box Office Figures
'Jailer' managed to amass a staggering ₹650 crore worldwide, solidifying its status as one of the highest-grossing Tamil films ever. It stands as the second-fastest Tamil movie to enter the ₹600 crore club, following Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar's '2.0' in 2018.

Directed by Nelson, the film also features an ensemble cast, including Vasanth Ravi, Tamannaah Bhatia , Yogi Babu , Ramya Krishnan , Vinayakan, Kannada superstar Shiva Rajkumar , veteran Malayalam actor Mohanlal and Jackie Shroff . Produced by Sun Pictures, the film's music was composed by Anirudh Ravichander.
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