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Sushmita Sen Opens Up About Her Father's Response To Her Miss India Journey

Sushmita Sen, who celebrates her 48th birthday today, has consistently expressed her close bond with her father, Shubeer Sen. In a recent interview with Mid-Day, the actress delved into the complexities of her relationship with her father, highlighting both the highs and lows. She recounted how her father's aspirations for her took a sharp turn when he discovered her intention to join the Miss India pageant, leading to a collision of their dreams.

Sushmita shared how her father reacted to her winning Miss India

Sushmita revealed that she had never envisioned becoming an actress and simply found herself in the Miss India pageant by chance. Her father, an officer in the Indian Army, had hoped for her to pursue a career as an IAS officer.

“Door door tak in my family, there's no one from the film industry. My father wanted me to be an IAS officer so I was preparing accordingly. When the bomb was dropped on my father that she wants to enter Miss India, my father didn't speak to me for a bit. I remember having this very emotional moment with my father when I promised him, ‘Baba I have to wear a swimsuit. I cannot not wear it. It’s part of the show. But I promise you I'll add respect to it. It will not be crass,” Sushmita said in the interview.

Sushmita shared that after winning the Miss India pageant, she informed her father about representing the country in the Miss Universe pageant. This news moved him deeply and filled him with pride, especially as an army officer.

Sushmita described her father's response to her decision to leave school
“I never did go to a college and graduate, which was a big problem with my father. Because he always said, ‘Beta, do whatever, but have a degree.’ Wo mere mei bhi problem hai (I also have the same problem). I made Renee (daughter) also get her degree. That was my condition. Jisse kabhi koi ye nahi bole ki ye nahi kiya toh kya kar logi (So that no one can dare say if you can't do this, what would you do). Anyway, my famous words to my baba were ‘I’ll graduate in life.' Very recently, when I got an honourary doctorate, my father had gone to receive it. I was sick as a dog that day. How apt that he received the doctorate from Mr. Narayana Murthy," Sushmita said in the same interview.

Sushmita's recent appearances on the work front include "Talli" and "Aarya 3," both of which received tremendous love and support from the audience.