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BTS' V's 'Slow Dancing' Dances Its Way Into Billboard Hot 100, Ties With Jungkook

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BTS member Kim Taehyung aka V has found himself in the midst of an extraordinary solo journey, marked by his latest triumphs on the Billboard charts. V's debut EP, " Layover ," has catapulted him to new heights, securing a prestigious spot at No. 2 on the coveted Billboard 200 chart. Simultaneously, the EP's latest single has swiftly evolved into yet another glorious feather in his cap.

" Slow Dancing ," V's latest single, made its grand entrance onto the Hot 100 chart this week, staking its claim at a respectable No. 51, as reported by Billboard. The Hot 100, renowned for its ranking of the most-consumed songs in the United States, is set to undergo a complete transformation on Tuesday as it welcomes "Slow Dancing" as its exciting new entrant.

This isn't V's first foray into the Hot 100 spotlight. He made his initial Hot 100 debut in early 2022 with the enchanting holiday tune, "Christmas Tree," which reached a commendable No. 79 on the chart. Earlier this year, as V embarked on his journey to promote "Layover," the EP's lead single, "Love Me Again," also graced the Hot 100, making its debut at a respectable No. 96.

With the remarkable entry of "Slow Dancing" onto the Hot 100, V has now garnered his third Hot 100 hit as a solo artist, a feat that sees him join the illustrious ranks of his BTS bandmate, Jungkook . Jungkook, who earlier this year reached the pinnacle of the Hot 100 with the No. 1 hit "Seven," now shares the distinction of three Hot 100 placements with V.

At the forefront of South Korean soloists with the most charting titles on the Hot 100 is none other than the legendary Psy, celebrated worldwide for his iconic hit, " Gangnam Style ." Psy has maintained a consistent presence on the chart for an entire decade, amassing a remarkable total of five chart placements over the years.

Notably, within the illustrious BTS collective, three other members—J-Hope, Jimin , and Suga , the latter known as Agust D—currently share the spotlight for the second-most Hot 100 hits among South Korean solo artists. Each of these exceptional musicians has earned four well-deserved spots on the prestigious chart.

Before the meteoric rise of "Slow Dancing," V stood shoulder to shoulder with South Korean sensations Lisa , of Blackpink fame, and the powerhouse that is CL. These accomplished artists each boasted two Hot 100 successes, an achievement that now sits in the shadow of V's latest chart triumphs.

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