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Taylor Swift and Blake Lively Turn Heads with Chic Miniskirt Coordination in New York City

When it comes to fashion-forward friendships, Taylor Swift and Blake Lively are setting the bar high. Recently, the dynamic duo made quite the style statement during a girls' night out in the bustling streets of New York City .

Stepping out of the exclusive hotspot, Zero Bond , the two stars showcased their unique takes on the classic miniskirt, proving that coordinating outfits with your bestie can be a fabulous endeavor.

Taylor Swift, riding high on her recent VMAs triumphs, exuded her signature charm in a flirty black miniskirt that paid homage to her iconic "Reputation" persona. She effortlessly paired it with a cozy black cardigan, brown knee-high leather boots that added a touch of maroon magic, and a crossbody bag in a warm shade of brown.

Layers of delicate gold jewelry adorned her neck, lending a touch of understated elegance to the ensemble. Swift capped it off with her trademark red lipstick, dramatic black cat-eye, and her hair cascading in beautiful waves.

In contrast, Blake Lively opted for a burst of color to bid adieu to the summer season. The "Gossip Girl" star donned a vibrant pink tweed miniskirt, which she paired with a whimsical white T-shirt adorned with playful Minnie Mouse illustrations. Her oversized patchwork denim jacket in varying shades of blue added a dash of eclectic charm, perfectly complemented by her colorful tweed heels.

Lively carried a denim bag with a gleaming golden chain strap to match her jacket's accents. To top it off, she donned striking large diamond stud earrings and sported bright red lipstick, which effortlessly tied her look together.

While Swift and Lively's outfits weren't entirely identical, their synchronized choice of miniskirts hinted at a deliberate coordination. After all, when it comes to A-lister outings, nothing is left to chance.

This fashionable night on the town came on the heels of a star-studded group dinner in the city, where they were joined by Blake Lively's husband, Ryan Reynolds , and an ensemble of famous friends, including Gigi Hadid , Cara Delevingne , Zoë Kravitz , and Channing Tatum .

The paparazzi flashes may have dimmed, but Taylor Swift and Blake Lively's style statements continue to shine brightly, inspiring fashion-forward friends everywhere. So, if you're looking for a sign to coordinate your next girls' night out looks, take a cue from these two style mavens – it's time to sync up and step out in style!

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