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Memories and Emotions: 10 Women MPs Share Heartfelt Tributes to Old Parliament

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In a historic moment marking a significant transition since India's independence, the country's legislature is on the verge of relocating to a new complex as part of a special Parliament session. This monumental move is not without heartfelt sentiments, as ten women parliamentarians from various political backgrounds gather to share their personal experiences and cherished memories, bidding a fond farewell to the old Parliament building that has been at the heart of India's democratic journey.

In an emotionally charged tribute, each of these ten parliamentarians has penned hand-written notes, brimming with nostalgia for the hallowed halls of the outgoing Parliament edifice.

Smriti Irani , a Union minister and BJP MP, kept her message concise, offering "best wishes" in her note. Meanwhile, Priyanka Chaturvedi of Shiv Sena (UBT) reflected on the countless intense debates and disruptions that this historical structure, with its sheer beauty, bore witness to.

Describing the old Parliament building as a place where "stalwarts and history-makers all work in its precincts," Priyanka Chaturvedi acknowledged its role in shaping India's confident nationhood over 75 years. She expressed her pride in being a part of this journey and her hope that the essence of this venerable institution would endure in the new building.

Harsimrat Kaur Badal, an Akali Dal MP, recounted her remarkable journey from being an "awed visitor" in 2006 to becoming an MP in 2009 and later serving as a minister in 2014. For her, the 144 pillars of this temple of democracy hold a multitude of cherished memories. She highlighted the building's beauty, adorned with the artistry of countless Indian craftsmen, sculptors, and laborers, and characterized it as a place of profound learning and immense satisfaction.

Anupriya Patel , a Union minister and Apna Dal (S) MP, vividly recalled her initial steps into Sansad Bhavan. She sensed the historical significance of the moment, as she entered a building that had witnessed India's Independence on August 15, 1947, the drafting of its Constitution, and the evolution and strengthening of its democratic institutions.

Navneet Rana, an Independent MP, also remembered her first day entering the building, which she described as an opportunity for profound learning.

Supriya Sule , an NCP MP, expressed her gratitude to the voters in her constituency who afforded her the privilege of attending sessions in this beautiful old Parliament building. She saw it as an echo of the voices of leaders who contributed to the development of India.

Poonam Mahajan, a BJP MP, took a poetic turn to convey her sentiments, speaking of crafting a "vajra" of ultimate victory from the "Nav Dadhichi haddiyan" or the new generation's bones. She invited everyone to come together and ignite the flame once again.

Congress MP Ramya Haridas emphasized the historical significance of the building, referring to it as a "palace of democracy" and the "birthplace of strong decisions."

Mahua Moitra , a TMC MP, held a special place in her heart for the old Parliament building, likening it to her "first home." She emphasized that while the physical structure may change, its symbolism—a space for freely elected representatives of a free country—must remain intact for generations to come.

Legendary sprinter PT Usha, now a Rajya Sabha MP, shared her unique journey. She vividly recalled her first visit to the Parliament in 1986, just after clinching a gold medal in the Seoul Asian Games. She also reminisced about stepping into the Upper House as a member in 2022, marking the occasion with a traditional chant of "Hari Om."
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