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WATCH: Rahul Gandhi's Refreshing Gesture At Kedarnath, Serving Tea To Devotees

In a heartwarming gesture that surprised both devotees and the public alike, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi , currently on a three-day visit to Uttarakhand, extended a warm welcome to pilgrims at the sacred Kedarnath temple. With humility and warmth, Mr. Gandhi engaged in "chai sewa," offering tea to the pilgrims who were patiently waiting their turn to offer prayers at this revered hill shrine.

This unique sight of a prominent political figure like Rahul Gandhi serving tea to devotees left many in awe. Some couldn't resist the opportunity to capture the moment and requested selfies with the leader. One man approached him, saying, "Sir, we have seen you on TV, this is the first time we are seeing you in real. Can I take a selfie with you?" Mr. Gandhi graciously obliged, bringing a personal touch to his public service.

Rahul Gandhi's visit to Kedarnath was not just about offering tea but also about offering his prayers. He participated in the aarti at the temple, adding a spiritual dimension to his visit. The Congress leader's pilgrimage to Kedarnath coincides with the upcoming elections in Chhattisgarh and Mizoram, where his party is actively engaged in the electoral process.

This visit to Kedarnath is a part of Rahul Gandhi's extended Bharat Jodo Yatra, where he aims to connect with the people and understand the diverse cultures and traditions of India. Previously, he visited the Golden Temple in Amritsar and carried out "sewa" there as well. His journey has taken him to various corners of the country, highlighting his commitment to bridging the gap between the political leaders and the common people.

The Kedarnath temple, perched at an altitude of 3,584 meters above sea level, holds immense significance for Hindu devotees. It is part of the Char Dhams and Panch Kedar in Uttarakhand and is also one of the 12 Jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva in India.

While this act of service and devotion was appreciated by many, it did not go without some political banter. The Bharatiya Janata Party ( BJP ) took a dig at Rahul Gandhi's personal visit to Kedarnath. BJP state media in-charge, Manveer Singh Chauhan, expressed hope that this visit would bring wisdom to the Congress leaders, leading them to adopt anti-corruption policies in the national interest. He also pointed out that such acts of devotion appeared to be politically motivated, especially with elections on the horizon.

In response, state Congress vice-president Mathura Dutt Joshi defended Rahul Gandhi's visit and quipped that it was the BJP who needed wisdom. He implied that the BJP had a tendency to welcome leaders from other parties, absolving them of any past wrongdoings when they joined their ranks.

Rahul Gandhi's "chai sewa" at Kedarnath serves as a reminder that public leaders can connect with the people they represent on a personal level, transcending political boundaries and differences. It reflects a human touch in politics, and at the same time, sparks discussions on the motives behind such gestures in the political landscape.