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Apple's India Masterplan: Exciting News For iPhone 15 Plus Enthusiasts, Price Cuts As Tim Cook's Company Aims To Double Sales

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In India , Apple is gearing up for the production of the iPhone 15 Plus in the upcoming quarter, following the successful launch of the budget-friendly base model of its flagship phone series in the country. Industry insiders have disclosed that preparations are already in progress at Foxconn's facility near Chennai for the manufacturing of the iPhone 15 Plus, as reported by the Economic Times.

This development aligns with the recent unveiling of the latest iPhone series led by Tim Cook 's company. The new series boasts significant enhancements, including a faster chip for improved gaming performance and a lighter titanium shell for the Pro models, alongside other notable updates.

Plans to double sales, cut prices

To strengthen its foothold in the Indian market, the American tech giant is targeting a twofold increase in sales in the next quarter. To achieve this goal, Apple intends to entice customers with the appeal of its new iPhone releases and reduced prices on the iPhone 13 and 14 models. Sources have revealed that Apple aims to position the October-December period as a potentially record-breaking sales quarter in India, according to the Economic Times.

Apple has already taken substantial strides towards local production by initiating commercial manufacturing of the iPhone 15 at the Foxconn plant. This marks the inaugural occasion when a "Made-in-India" iPhone will be accessible right from its launch.

Preparing for demand uptick

Nonetheless, the production capacity for the locally made iPhone 15 remains constrained. With the festive season on the horizon, Apple anticipates a surge in demand and intends to fulfill consumer needs by importing these devices from its primary production hub in China.

An executive involved in the operations said that "iPhone 15 Plus will be the next in line for assembling in India. It will take shape in October-December and will be the fastest manufacturing rollout for a higher-priced model in India."

While Apple has achieved local manufacturing for models such as the iPhone 14, 14 Plus, and 13 in India, the company will persist in importing the iPhone 15 Plus model until local production is fully up and running. Additionally, the iPhone Pro series will also continue to be imported. Apple has taken into consideration the 22 percent import duties on smartphones and has factored in rupee depreciation as part of its pricing strategy for the Indian market. Consequently, the pricing of the new iPhones in India ranks among the highest globally.
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