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Unlocking WhatsApp's Latest Addition: A Guide to Status Update Filters

WhatsApp has rolled out a new update through the Google Play Beta Program, bumping up its version to

This update introduces a feature that enables users to filter and browse status updates in a vertical list.

At the moment, access is available for a limited number of beta testers to try out.

This new add-on aims to enhance user experience by providing individuals with more autonomy to choose the content they want to see.

Four filters to enhance the categorization of status updates

WhatsApp's new feature introduces four filters for better-organizing status updates: All, Recent, Viewed, and Muted.

The "All" filter displays all status updates from contacts, allowing users to easily catch up on everything. The "Recent" filter focuses on showcasing the latest updates from contacts.

The "Viewed" filter shows status updates you've seen before, while the "Muted" filter helps manage and view muted status updates effectively.

WhatsApp has responded to multiple appeals to bring back the previous interface in the status updates section, which underwent changes with the introduction of channels.

They've introduced filters to enable users to switch back to a more familiar and user-friendly vertical list format for status updates. This update aims to provide a more seamless viewing experience for users.

Some beta testers who download the latest WhatsApp beta for Android from the Play Store can now access the ability to filter and view status updates in a vertical list. WhatsApp intends to make this feature available to more users in the upcoming weeks.