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X Rolls Out Government-ID Verification For Premium Subscribers

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In a bid to tackle impersonation and provide additional perks to its premium users, Elon Musk's brainchild, X Corp , has introduced government-ID-based verification checks on its platform. This innovative step aims to bolster security and offer exclusive benefits to verified users, including "prioritised support." Let's delve deeper into this significant development through the following subheads.

Global Expansion of ID Verification
The ID verification feature, which has already been rolled out in several countries, is set to expand its reach further. X Corp has plans to extend this service to encompass regions like the European Union , European Economic Area ( EEA ), and the United Kingdom in the near future. This expansion is part of the company's commitment to ensuring the authenticity of its user base.

Au10tix Partnership for Identity Verification
In its pursuit of robust identity verification, X Corp has forged a partnership with Au10tix, an Israel-based company specialising in this domain. This collaboration underscores the company's dedication to employing cutting-edge technology for enhancing user security.

Safeguarding Platform Integrity
X Corp places a high premium on maintaining the integrity of its platform. Apart from identity verification, the company employs various strategies to prevent impersonation. These measures include account authentication, and there are potential plans to implement additional safeguards such as age-appropriate content access and protection against spam and malicious accounts. These steps are crucial to fostering healthy and meaningful conversations on the platform.

According to X Website, “X currently focuses on account authentication to prevent impersonation, and may explore additional measures, such as ensuring users have access to age-appropriate content and protecting against spam and malicious accounts, to maintain the integrity of the platform and safeguard healthy conversations.”

Exclusive Benefits for ID-Verified Users
Users who opt for ID verification can look forward to a host of advantages in the future. Notably, they will receive a prominently displayed ID verification label, visible in the pop-up that appears when clicking on their blue check mark. This label enhances trust among other users, who can easily identify the authenticity of the verified member.

Furthermore, ID-verified users will enjoy the privilege of "prioritised support" from X Services . Additionally, X Corp plans to streamline the process of obtaining a blue check mark for these users through a simplified review process. This streamlined procedure will also grant greater flexibility for making frequent changes to profile photos, display names, or usernames (@handle).

Exclusivity for Individual Users
It's important to note that the ID verification option is currently exclusive to individual users and is not available for businesses or organisations on the platform. This exclusivity ensures that the feature is tailored to individual user needs.

Recent Developments: Checkmark Hiding Feature
In a related development, X Corp recently introduced a feature that allows paid users to hide their checkmarks from their profiles. This feature provides users with greater control over the visibility of their verification status.
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