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Patrick Mahomes' wife slams referees as Kansas City Chiefs lose to Cincinnati Bengals

The Kansas City Chiefs lost once again to the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday, and it's fair to say that Brittany Mahomes wasn't too happy about it.

Joe Burrow got the better of Patrick Mahomes for a third-straight game as the Bengals won 27-24 at Paycor Stadium, after 10 unanswered points in the final quarter handed them the victory.

It was chop and change for the Bengals as they welcomed back wide receiver Ja'Marr Chase while running-back Joe Mixon was ruled out.

Mahomes' wife is vocal at the best of times, and is known to be an avid supporter of the Chiefs quarterback from the sidelines, and on Twitter. But she took aim at the referees throughout the game on Sunday by suggesting that they were members of the opposition team as she felt the Chiefs weren't getting any decisions.

It was a tightly contested first-half in Cincinnati, as the Bengals led by just three points heading into the break. But in the third quarter it looked like Mahomes had worked his magic once again, as the Chiefs scored two touchdowns to hold a sizeable lead heading into the final stage of the game.

But they were shutout in the fourth, and the Bengals edged the win to move 8-4 for the season, while the Chiefs settled for 9-3 - missing to chance to move one win ahead of the Buffalo Bills. There were definitely some controversial calls throughout the game, but not much more than you'd expect for the home team.

However, Mahomes' wife didn't see it that way, and really made sure that Twitter knew about it as she sarcastically posted: "Woweeeeee we got a call for us." But as the decisions continued to come for the Bengals, she added: "I mean at this point it’s just a joke. We can never catch a break."

She then retweeted a fans tweet which read: "Refs already in full force out in Cincinnati," before then re-sharing an image of a referee wearing a shirt in the style of the Bengals. Her mood suddenly improved as the Chiefs began to win, but it didn't last for too long.

One of the main controversial calls was in the second quarter, when the Chiefs were inches away from the endzone. The Bengals were late to make a substitution, which would've resulted in a penalty and put the Chiefs in an even better position.

At this moment, Jessie Bates III fell down with a supposed injury and the game was delayed. Of course, the nature of this is purely subjective, but Chiefs fans and Mahomes' wife did not receive it well.

Mahomes' wife retweeted a video of the incident, and wrote: "Like is this actually allowed?" Her series of tweets ended with "frick" as the Bengals claimed the win, and it was a landmark occasion for Burrow and his side.

Burrow became the first NFL quarterback to ever beat Mahomes in three-straight games, and is also the first to face the Chiefs star multiple times and stay undefeated. Burrow also moved alongside Tom Brady for holding three wins against Mahomes.

The Bengals may have had a shaky start to the campaign, but they're certainly looking good ahead as we near the post-season. They made the Super Bowl last year, and there's no reason to suggest that it can't happen again.