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Rare surgical re-implantation performed in Mount Abu

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The Times Of India
14th July, 2019 04:00 IST

The health of any forest is gauged by the robustness of its flora and fauna. With the more dedicated attention of the denizens and the forest officials in Mount Abu, the number of the wild animals, more so of the sloth bear, and the green forest cover has increased many folds in past several years.

The tidings of good feral health are not sans their riders. One important rider is that the increase in the number of the sloth bears could increase human-animal conflict. The denizens need to exercise due caution, vis-à-vis their activities in the proximity of the jungle of Mount Abu.

Still there are faux pas that leads to head on confrontation with the wild. Although Mount Abu eco-sensitive zone faces the least man-animal conflict, still, the confrontation in isolation some time could be rather fatal.

Mercifully since recent past, the excellence of plastic surgery in Mount Abu’s hospital has saved many a life of those mauled by bear. The success in recent surgical interventions in one such brutal attack make Mount Abu a candidate for plastic surgery destination.

The case in study is the recent near fatal sloth bear attack on a local man, who suffered extensive fractures in the facial bones and also on a thumb.

The condition demanded extensive plastic surgery intervention. The most important, though, rare intervention was to be resorted, sans any ado. In such conditions, re-implantation surgery was to be promptly addressed. The impossible was achieved. The toothy smile and the thumps up, by the badly mauled beleaguered victim is proof enough of excellence in Plastic Surgery, in remote place like Mount Abu.

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