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Shreds of paper in 'mysterious' bag at Maihar rly station

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The Times Of India
20th October, 2019 04:57 IST

Bhopal: An unclaimed bag at Maihar railway station sent officials in a tizzy on Saturday.

The bag was deposited at the cloakroom on July 24. As per norms, when no one claims it for two months, the local staff checks it, said Mrityunjay Kumar, area manager, Satna. A couple of days ago, the officials tried to check the bag. However, being suspicious of what it contains, they escalated the matter. Finally, the bag was opened in the presence of senior officials, including Area manager of railways, Satna, senior officials from WCR headquarters in Jabalpur and assistant commandant of RPF.

“If no one claims the bag, it is given to the lost property office, which auctions it. The local staff tried to open the cover and check it. It looked as if the bag was full of currency notes. Senior officials from Jabalpur asked us to check it on Friday, but it was already dark by the time we reached there. So, the bag was opened on Saturday. We had also contacted bank officials so that it could be checked if there are currency notes they are genuine or not. They provided us with machines used for checking the currency notes,” Kumar said. “It was found that the bag contained sealed packets, with ‘satyamev jayate, kendriya Sarkar’ written over each. Denomination was written on the top of the cover of each packet. It seemed that the packets were full of currency notes. However, only paper pieces stacked together emerged when we opened the bag,” said Kumar.

“The person who had deposited the bag had a ticket from Maihar to Khandwa. But, the address mentioned when he bought the ticket is not clear. The phone number provided by him is also not correct. It is unclear why anyone would keep such things in the bag,” he added.

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