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Sickened at being sexually assaulted by male boss, Chhattisgarh youth cuts him into three

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The Times Of India
22nd October, 2019 17:55 IST

RAIPUR: Fed up with everyday harassment and sexual abuse by his contractor boss, an enraged youth slit his boss’ throat and cut his body into three pieces before throwing them away at different places in Raigarh district of Chhattisgarh .

The gory case of a man's beheaded body, which was found, was being investigated for last two days and police cracked it with arrest of the youth who worked as a labourer.

Police said that in his confession, 28-year-old Shankar Kumar Paswan said that the deceased Sandip Singh was a homosexual and he would provide him labour job on contract and would further force him into having physical relations.

Raigarh superintendent of police Santosh Singh said that a beheaded body was found near Mansarovar dam , which had sent out shock among the locals and an investigation was ordered. With the inputs gathered, police had zeroed in on Paswan for questioning when he broke down and confessed to committing the crime. Paswan was last seen with Singh and police got to him with the help of his mobile location.

Paswan used to work as a labourer under Singh and he was forced to give in to Singh’s demands for his survival and continue his job. Singh would call Paswan whenever he wanted and it went on for about two years, police said. As the frustration built up and Paswan started getting tired of Singh’s harassment and sexual abuse, he decided to kill Singh.

On the night of October 18, Singh had called Paswan to his place and he had carried a weapon along to his home with preconceived mindset to kill him if he would force for sex.

After drinking alcohol, Singh as expected tried to climb up on Paswan and he was thrown on the floor with Paswan pouncing upon him with his knife. As Singh fell on the ground with the attack, Paswan strangulated him to death without much struggle as Singh was heavily drunk.

He then picked up a saw and cut body’s pieces into three. Stuffing the pieces of body in a bag, Paswan carried it on a bicycle and threw them on three different corners of Mansarovar area.

Police have collected the parts of body based on information given by Paswan and have arrested him under sections of IPC for murder.

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