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Style icon Sahil Khan launched Darshan Singh's debut single, "Yeh Safar" in Russia

Darshan Singh, a renowned businessman from the Taj city Agra, has expanded his wings beyond India. A new accomplishment falls in his Kitty. His debut single named "Yeh Safar" was recently launched by fitness icon Sahil Khan in Russia.

After the successful launch of his debut single, he seems to be high on zeal. "I owe it all to my mother and also to my city, Agra, known for the highly revered Agra Gharana," says Darshan Singh very humbly.

Recently, Darshan Singh, a multifaceted individual, had a significant turning point in his life. Along with celebrating his birthday this month and getting the dealership for Sahil Khan's fitness brand throughout the entirety of Russia, Darshan Singh also made his solo debut this month. Moscow, Russia's largest city, hosted a launch party to celebrate the birthday, the release of a single, and the acquisition of a wonderful products dealership.

Style icon Sahil Khan is equally excited about the initial success of Darshan’s debut single. Sahil Khan says, "This was a really exciting moment for me to launch Darshan Singh’s debut single in Russia. I’m very hopeful that this song is going to rule the hearts of the audience."

Darshan Singh, who has had a fantastic journey so far, has christened his debut single aptly as "Yeh Safar". The lyrics for "Yeh Safar" were written by Pasha Rudenka, one of the most famous Russian singers, while Dev takes credit for composing the music. “Yeh Safar” is climbing up the charts of various billboards and is also becoming a popular track across all the music streaming platforms.