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Teacher's Genuine Stories culminates its journey of discovering genuine artists who are par excellence

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18th October, 2019 13:13 IST

In the ostentatious world that we are living in, it takes a lot to stay genuine, and those who succeed in doing so are rare. Following this very philosophy, Teacher’s had set on a journey to discover genuine storytellers who have left no stone unturned to pursue their passion and stay steadfast in their devotion towards it.

Teacher’s Genuine Stories is a rare attempt at picking out these gems from different parts of the country and to showcase their unique art and skills to the world. Through the eight episode series, we met artists who have been beautifully endowed with not just talent but also a soul to keep it pure and genuine. The narrator, Bollywood actor Rahul Bose acts as the thread that weaves these eight glorious tales of passion and talent. In this splendid journey of Teacher’s Genuine Stories, artists from across the country display their unique talent through art forms like folk, fusion and contemporary music, poetry, art and fusion dance.

Rahul travels across the country to discover and bring forth to the viewers, authentic story tellers, who are adept at narrating tales through varied forms of art. In this splendid journey, he accosts some unique artists. The first guest, Jasleen Aulakh has redefined traditional folk songs, giving them a peppy, contemporary touch. Residing in the serene town of Kasauli in Himachal Pradesh, Jasleen’s songs tell tales of the beauty of the place. Music band Kabir Café, on the other hand takes inspiration from legendary poet, Kabir’s writings. The band of 5 members has made music their very life.

Moving on in the sojourn, Rahul meets Priya Malik, who is a Delhi based poet, and she divulges the key elements of stand-up poetry, which is an offbeat art form. In another episode of Teacher’s Genuine Stories, Nritarutya Dance Company presents its unique style of storytelling through dance form. The troupe performs a beautiful fusion dance of classical with beat boxing to tell the story of the peacock.

Rahul Bose's rendezvous with Mumbai's Finest accounts for one of the most memorable moments on Teacher's Genuine Stories. The vivacious bunch of rappers created magic on the show with their amazing musical tales. Along the journey came some more outstanding artists like the Tetseo Sisters from Nagaland, founders of art studio, inkbrushnme - Harshvardan and Rajvardhan, and finally, the duo Swanand Kirkire and Shantanu Moitra who share some enchanting ‘Kisso ka kissa’.

The 8-episode series featured stories and heart to heart conversations giving a deep understanding into the mind and heart of great artists. Dedicated to unravelling the passion and zeal of these very people, the series culminated with a promise of bringing to the fore, more such talent.

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