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Three generations set example for others in Haryana assembly elections

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The Times Of India
22nd October, 2019 10:18 IST

(MORNI) PANCHKULA: Setting an example for others, three generations of 78-year-old Sohan Lal's family members stood in a queue together to exercise their voting right on Monday.

Sohan Lal, an agriculturist of Mandhana village in Morni block of Panchkula district, said he always exercises his right to vote. Lal said he discusses about different parties and their agenda within family members but never imposes his views on them. His family members are mature enough to cast their vote, he added. He even advises public that they should also come out of their homes to exercise their voting right.

Lal's son Amarjeet Sharma (51) said that be it a youngster or an elderly, everybody should exercise his or her voting right. "If you want development of your village, city and constituency everybody should exercise their voting right. If you can't vote for electing your representative, you have no right to complain. I always make sure that entire family votes together," Sharma said.

"It's a good sign that families discuss politics and elections because, if you want strong democracy, everybody should participate in this exercise. After all it is about building a strong democracy. I am happy that this time my son also exercised his voting right for the first time," Sharma said.

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