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Varun Sood: I love coming to Delhi, there's a chill vibe here

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The Times Of India
15th October, 2019 01:00 IST

V arun Sood, who was recently in Delhi for an event, told us that his best memories of the city were from his time in school. “I did most of my schooling in Delhi and those are the memories I cherish. I just love coming back to Delhi as there is a chill vibe to this place, unlike Mumbai,” he said.
Varun also said that his family recently shifted to Noida. “My father retired from the Army from this city so Noida will always be special for us. My parents have settled here, so Noida will be seeing a lot of me,” Sood said.
Talking about the nightlife in Noida, he added, “It’s great to see that a lot of new clubs and cafes are opening here. Noida’s nightlife is flourishing and I would love to party here some time.” When asked about people’s perception about Noida, he said, “I think conflicts and fights happen everywhere. In Noida, they get highlighted maybe because there are lesser people here”.
He further said, “The only Diwali memory I have from childhood is that I used to hold my dog close to me because he used to get very scared. My idea of Diwali is to call some friends over and chill with some great Indian food.” Talking about his recent travels with girlfriend Divya Aggarwal , Varun said, “Divya and I love to travel. We stay together in Mumbai and we just book tickets to travel at the first chance we get. We recently travelled to Maldives and it was one of the best experiences of my life.”

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