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[Watch] Gaur goes on rampage in Odisha village

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21st October, 2019 18:18 IST

Nayagarh: A fresh wave of panic hit residents of Ghadual village under Town Police Station in Nayagarh district as one gaur (Indian bison) strayed into human habitat today morning.

As many as three persons were wounded in the gaur attack. The victims were identified as Sambari Barad, Babula Pal and Sharat Panda.

According to reports, the gaur had strayed out of wild in search of food. It was spotted by a local while he had been to his garden to pluck limes in the morning. When he shouted with an aim to ward off the animal from his garden, the latter ran towards him sensing threat from humans.

The panicked local started running to save his life. Though he managed to escape from it, the wild animal that was running after the man, attacked three persons and fled from the area.

On receiving information, Nayagarh Ranger Sushant Swain and forest officials reached the spot and initiated operation to catch the animal.

“After reaching the village we identified the animal as a male gaur. As the locals pelted stones at the animal, it fled to other location out of fear. However, we are trying to chase the gaur, which might have been separated from its herd in a forest, in other villages,” said the ranger.

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