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Wedding procession firecrackers spark communal clash in Kheda

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The Times Of India
17th May, 2019 10:26 IST
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AHMEDABAD: Amid incidents of wedding processions of Dalits being disrupted in North Gujarat, a clash erupted between two communities over a wedding procession at Dhunadra village in Thasra taluka of Kheda district late on Wednesday night.

The incident occurred when the wedding procession of an Army jawan, Anil Parmar, was being held in the village. According to the FIR filed by Dakor police, Parmar’s relatives were taking out the procession and some children from the groom’s side lit a firecracker. Leaders of the Muslim community then allegedly abused them.

“They told us not to light crackers and suddenly started abusing us. A mob of their community started throwing stones at us,” said the FIR filed by Anil’s brother, Ambalal.

Another FIR was lodged by Aabidali Saiyed, 50, stating he and members of his community were attacked after they asked the Parmars not to light crackers near the mosque.

“When we asked them not to light firecrackers, they began asking why the marriage procession was an issue. They threatened us saying that they will burn down the mosque. They threatened to kill us if we tried to stop their procession,” the FIR filed by Saiyed states.

As many as seven persons from both communities were injured in the clash.

Divya Mishra, the Kheda SP, said the clash should not be linked to the recent incidents of wedding processions being disrupted. “This area has a history of communal conflict. The incident occurred when Hindus were taking out wedding procession and Muslims told them not to take the procession near the mosque. Following this, stone pelting was reported. Police controlled the situation and patrolling is on,” said Mishra.

“This was typical communal clash . The situation is now peaceful with police deployed and round-the-clock patrolling,” Mishra said.

Mishra said some 20 Muslims were named in the FIR filed by Parmar while five Hindus were named in the FIR filed by Saiyed.

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