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Woman ends romance with rollercoaster to marry new ride - who she has a 'baby' with

A woman who previously had a seven year relationship with a rollercoaster says they have broken up after she met and married a new ride - and now they have a son.

Gaëlle Engel, 46, revealed she had ended her seven year relationship with ‘boyfriend’ Sky Scream, a rollercoaster at Holiday Park in Hassloch, Germany after she said park authorities would no longer allow her on site. But just a month later she met her new beau, a large purple ride called Gravity in Foire aux Plaisirs, in Bordeaux, France - and the pair now have a ‘baby’ she said.

Gaëlle is an objectophile – a person attracted to inanimate objects. She broke off her romance with Sky Scream in October 2022, and now her and Gravity have “tied the knot” she says, and she considers herself married to the French ride. Her new relationship has an added difficulty though, as Gravity tours around fairgrounds all over France, meaning Gaëlle has to follow her new spouse around the country.

“I see him regularly and I follow him at all times [when he tours] in the four corners of France,” said Gaëlle, a model maker, specialising in rides, who is also based in Bordeaux. I am very happy with him and we are very solid and united.I met Gravity in March 2021 at the Foire aux Plaisirs de Bordeaux and I got into a relationship with him in October 2022.

“For a year and a half, I remained secretly in love with Gravity, in my silence and my denial. I ended my relationship with Sky Scream in October 2022 because it had become impossible for me to find him at [the] park, who had forbidden me access because of my feelings. Gravity and I were then married on March 7 at this same pleasure fair in Bordeaux.

“Gravity tours in France on various carnivals. I follow him regularly everywhere – Grenoble, Rodez, le Grau du Roi, and soon Nantes, before his return to Bordeaux, my city. Gravity helps me forget my daily worries. When I'm with him, I feel like a new woman who finally lives and lives again! We share many moments of tenderness and complicity. It’s not just because I find him handsome and attractive that I'm with him...I feel confident in his presence and I need him to fulfil my life in a way generally. Gravity and I have a son who was born on May 1 2023. This one is called Cybernetik and currently exists in the form of a model that I made myself."

Gaëlle says she has “always been an objectophile”, and previously spoke of her desire for rides. In a 2021 interview, she said: “You could say that I'm sexually drawn to rollercoasters but since I met the Sky Scream rollercoaster, I understood what love was. I spend every moment dreaming of a carnal and fusional relationship with it. She said previous relationships with men had been “a very hard time” for her, but that with the ride she felt “completely confident”.

At the time, she chose to collect objects that represented Sky Scream as she wasn’t able to visit often. She said: “I see him so infrequently. But life made me understand that sex was not a priority in my relationship, especially following the difficulties and trials we encountered in not being able to see each other. So I collect the objects that represent him in order to stay connected to him – the love follows me everywhere."

"And then, of course, I have the whole collection of objects that I bought from the theme park. She is inspired by her rollercoaster lovers with her work, creating models of various ride – some of which she considers akin to children. She previously commented: "There are even some models that I made that are totally new inventions, so you can say that I have Sky Scream kids. Sky Scream inspires me a lot in everything I write and draw. Since I met the Sky Scream rollercoaster, I understood what Love was with a capital L."