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Woman, minor sister gang-raped on gunpoint in Bihar

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10th October, 2019 10:55 IST

Woman, minor sister gang-raped on gunpoint in Bihar

A woman and her minor sister were allegedly gang-raped on gunpoint by unknown miscreants in Husainabad village in Raghopur area of Supaul district. The elder sister was purportedly shot on resisting.

Reportedly, on Tuesday the two sisters along with their family were going to see a fair when some unknown miscreants stopped them, took the family hostage and gang-raped the sisters at gunpoint. Later, the elder sister was shot by the accused person(s) for resisting.

"We are at the incident spot right now and the injured woman has been sent to the hospital. We are searching the spot right now as a part of further investigation," said Ramanand Kumar Kaushal, Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP), Birpur.

The incident occurred at an isolated place near Chiloni River, Supaul. The injured woman has been referred to a hospital in Patna.

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