IND 254/9 in 50.0 Overs

AUS beat IND by 34 runs
Man of the Match - Jhye Richardson
288/5 (50.0/50 ov)
254/9 (50.0/50 ov)
  • That ends the SCG contest. A rare India loss, that too in an ODI. Against a triply-weakened Aussie unit. Spare a thought for Rohit Sharma though. His 10th series or tournament in a row where he has scored at least one century. But all is not lost yet as 2 ODIs are yet to be played. We now move to Adelaide, which hosts the second ODI on Tuesday, January 15, 2019. Australia will be buoyed with this win but beware of the wounded Indian Tigers. The game begins at 1.50 pm local (0320 GMT). ADIOS! TAKE CARE!
  • Man of the Match, Jhye Richardson, says he is happy with his performance, especially against a quality side. Credits the way India tried to come back in the game. States Kohli's wicket was very special for him, especially in a run chase. Mentions they are clear about what they have to do as a bowling unit and it came off today. Ends by saying they assessed the conditions well and bowled according to it.
  • Victorious Australian skipper, Aaron Finch, says he is very pleased with the performance. Admits they did get nervous when Dhoni and Rohit were batting. On his team's batting, Finch says that the plan was to bat deep as can be seen from the scorecard, to get a competitive total on the board. He feels they had a par score as the dew was not going to play a big factor. Credits the way Khawaja, Marsh and Handscomb played. Further adds they batted really well in the middle period and finished off things well. Mentions the newbies bowled really well and both of them (Behrendorff and Jhye) have a good future ahead. Ends by saying there is still a lot of room for improvement though.
  • Indian skipper, Virat Kohli, says they are not pleased with the way they played. Mentions they were good with the ball but were not upto the mark with the bat. Credits the way Rohit played and further adds he was supported well by Dhoni. Reckons they tried to take the game deep but the latter got out out at the wrong time. He feels they needed one more good partnership and the story could have been different. States Rayudu and Shikhar got good deliveries, he hit the ball well but was unfortunate. He adds though that those won't stop them from playing their shots. Ends by saying this is a learning curve and they hope to correct their mistakes in the games further.
  • Small moments. How they sometimes cost big. Bhuvi going for 40 in his last 3 overs. India losing by 34. Australia wasting a review on Rohit - did not matter but almost paid the price for it. Ambati Rayudu's review - should India have taken it? Had they not, then Dhoni could have used it to his advantage. Anyways, life is nothing without ifs and buts. Please do stay tuned for the presentation...
  • Wow. Australia's bowling. No Starc. No Hazlewood. No Cummins. No Coulter-Nile. No Tye. Yet they won. Quadruple wow. They were lucky to get a couple of cheap wickets but then were professional enough to build on that and not let India in. Debutant Jason Behrendorff did well to finish with a 2-fer but Jhye Richardson was the pick of the bowlers with 4/26 in his 10. Nathan Lyon did a good holding job but the early damage had helped all the bowlers, even if they went for a hit towards the end.
  • Rohit then tried to saviour a one-man show but eventually, the task became too monumental for him. He got no support from the others. Factor this - when Rohit was at the crease, only Dhoni and Jadeja crossed double figures.
  • Normally, when you have a stand taking so many balls, it cannot be broken without compensating. Dhoni and Rohit tried to change the tempo but then the former got a rough call which probably changed the game.
  • A good start is key to a good finish. India lacked that in this game. 1/1, 4/2 became 4/3. The visitors could not recover after that. Well, one can say they tried. Dhoni and Rohit stopped the wicket-flow, got a partnership going but that was not helping the task as the boundaries were not coming frequently. The stand was worth 137 but it consumed 171 balls.
  • A comfortable win for Australia in the end. Not many would have imagined this. 288 on this track, which was seeing 30-40 runs short, has actually proved to be 34 runs too many.
  • 49.6
    M Stoinis to M Shami, OUT! Caught. The match ends. Stoinis finally gets his second. A full ball on middle, it is the slower one. Shami hits it high up in the air. So high that it comes down with snow on it. Maxwell in the deep mid-wicket position settles under it and takes a good catch. All smiles in the Australian camp as THEY WIN BY 34 RUNS AND TAKE A 1-0 LEAD!
  • 49.5
    M Stoinis to B Kumar, Another drop and once again it is on the bowling of Stoinis. Good attempt though. He looks a frustrated figure. A short ball on the body. Kumar goes for the pull but gets a top edge, it goes towards deep backward square leg. Handscomb makes good ground to his right, dives and gets two hands to it but fails to hang on. The batsmen take a run.
  • 49.4
    M Stoinis to B Kumar, Tries to do the same but this time finds the fielder at covers. Does not take a run.
  • 49.3
    M Stoinis to B Kumar, FOUR! CREAMED! Full and on off, Kumar makes room and caresses it through covers for a boundary.
  • 49.2
    M Stoinis to M Shami, On the pads, it is worked through square leg for a single.
  • 49.1
    M Stoinis to B Kumar, In the air... but it lands in no man's land! Length delivery around off, Kumar swings, it hits the splice of the bat and lobs towards the cover region. A run taken.
  • END OF OVER: 49 | 9 Runs 1 Wkt | IND: 247/8
  • Mohammed Shami is the new batsman.
  • 48.6
    P Siddle to K Yadav, OUT! Khawaja makes no mistake this time! Siddle gets his first! A short ball on middle, Kuldeep shuffles across and goes for the pull. Only manages to get a top edge, it goes towards Khawaja at deep square leg, he takes it.
  • 48.5
    P Siddle to B Kumar, Goes very full and on the pads, it is clipped towards deep mid-wicket for a single.
  • 48.4
    P Siddle to B Kumar, Length again around off, Bhuvneshwar hits it over covers and take two.
  • 48.3
    P Siddle to K Yadav, On the shorter side, this is pulled through mid-wicket for a single.
  • 48.2
    P Siddle to B Kumar, It's been driven superbly through the covers. They pick up a single.
  • 48.1
    P Siddle to B Kumar, FOUR! Kumar is playing a very nice knock here. He makes room and cuts this length ball over the point fielder and into the fence.
  • END OF OVER: 48 | 11 Runs 0 Wkt | IND: 238/7